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Course List
Elements of Shipboard Safety Theory ONLY
Module 1 Emergencies At Sea
Unit 1 Emergencies at Sea  
Unit 2 Sinking Ship after a Collision  
Module 2 Life Jackets and Life Saving Equipment
Unit 1 Life Jackets and Life Saving Equipment  
Unit 2 Life Jackets and Life Saving Quiz  
Module 3 Duty of Care
Unit 1 Duty Of Care  
Module 4 Confine Space
Unit 1 Confined Space Presentation  
Unit 2 Confined Space Quiz  
Module 5 Fighting Fire On board
Unit 1 Minimise and fight fires on board a vessel  
Unit 2 Fighting Fires Quiz  
Module 6 Deckhand Duties
Unit 1 Deckhand Duties  
Unit 2 Ropes Quiz  
Module 7 Final Assessment
Unit 1 Vessel Visit  
Unit 2 Final Assessments  
End of course Survey
Module 1 ECA Maritime College Survey
Unit 1 Training Facility  
Unit 2 Trainer  
Module 2 AQTF Survey
Unit 1 RTO Survey  

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